Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative

The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative is the official journal of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium. It publishes selected papers from the annual TEI Conference and Members' Meeting and special issues based on topics or themes of interest to the community or in conjunction with special events or meetings associated with TEI. Its contents are rigorously peer-reviewed.

The objectives of the journal are to disseminate as widely as possible information about the TEI and its applications to scholarship. The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative publishes state-of-the-art reports on electronic textual editing, current trends in TEI encoding, and new use cases for TEI. It provides a forum for articles on the discussion of the interface between the TEI and other communities, and more generally of the role of technological standards in the digital humanities. As a peer-reviewed, regularly published journal, it is the first point of entry to the latest scholarship relating to not only the TEI but also various fields typically associated with TEI practice—for example, digital scholarly editing, linguistic analysis, corpora creation, and much newer areas such as mass digitization, semantic web research, and editing within virtual worlds.

The journal is published at as part of, the web platform for journals, books, research blogs, and academic calendars developed by Cléo, the French Centre for Open Electronic Publishing.



Call for Reviewers


We are always looking for individuals with diverse areas of expertise to serve as reviewers. If you are interested in serving as a jTEI peer reviewer, please register as a reviewer today!

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URLs for jTEI Articles Have Changed

The URL of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative has changed to
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CFP: Open Topic Issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative

CFP: Open Topic issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative
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