Call for Reviewers


We are always looking for individuals with diverse areas of expertise to serve as reviewers. jTEI reviewers are based in academic institutions such as colleges and universities.

If you are interested in serving as a jTEI peer reviewer, please register as a reviewer today!

The application asks about your position and organizational affiliation, areas of special interest or expertise.

After having registered as a reviewer, your expertise should be identified thanks to the keywords at the bottom of the page.

When possible, reviewers are assigned submissions that align with their expertise and areas of special interest. Each submission is assigned to three academic reviewers. When a particular submission is determined to be a good match with particular reviewers, the reviewers will receive an email from the Assistant Managing Editor requesting their participation in the submission's review. There are three types of documents that can be reviewed:

  • Research Papers
  • Project Notes
  • Data papers

Reviewers will be asked to complete their reviews within six weeks of accepting a review. Reviewers who anticipate that they will need additional time may communicate directly with the Assistant Managing Editor (