jTEI Issue 12 published


We are pleased to announce the publication of the final set of papers for JTEI Issue 12.

In “The Switchover: Teaching and Learning the Text Encoding Initiative in Spanish,” Susanna Allés-Torrent and Gimena del Rio Riande describe the current state of TEI instruction and use in Spanish-speaking countries, identifying a gap between what they want to teach and what can be taught. All three common pedagogical contexts (the face-to-face classroom, distance learning, and the Foreign Language Classroom) need Spanish teaching materials. They call for teaching materials in Spanish, a translation of the TEI Guidelines into Spanish, and an expansion of the TEI community.

In “Collaborative Encoding of Text Genesis: A Pedagogical Approach for Teaching Genetic Encoding with the TEI,” Stefano Apostolo, Ingo Börner, and Angelika Hechtl report on their intriguing experimental workshops designed to introduce genetic encoding to novice encoders, through a process whereby texts are initially produced by groups of participants themselves, using typewriters and manual annotation, and then other groups attempt to deduce the textual genesis using clues in the texts and encode the results following the TEI Guidelines recommendations and examples.

Our introduction to the issue summarizes all the papers published therein. It also offers a description of the 2017 conference at the University of Victoria, including a summary of the theme, a list of all the sessions and workshops, and a few photographs. If you missed the TEI’s 30th birthday cake, the introduction offers ocular proof of our festive efforts.

The complete issue is now available at https://journals.openedition.org/jtei/1076.

We’d like to thank the editorial board members, especially Ron Van den Branden, for their tireless and patient assistance throughout the editorial process.

With good wishes to all,

Janelle Jenstad, Kathryn Tomasek, and Martin Holmes