Issue 1 Published


On behalf of the editors, I am delighted to announce the publication of the first issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.

This issue, guest edited by Syd Bauman, Kevin Hawkins, and Malte Rehbein, contains selected papers presented at the 2008 and 2009 conferences and members’ meetings:
  • John Unsworth – “Computational Work with Very Large Text Collections: Interoperability, Sustainability, and the TEI”
  • Tanya Clement – “Knowledge Representation and Digital Scholarly Editions in Theory and Practice”
  • Thomas Schmidt – “A TEI-based Approach to Standardising Spoken Language Transcription”
  • Lynne Siemens, Ray Siemens, Hefeng (Eddie) Wen, Cara Leitch, Dot Porter, Liam Sherriff, Karin Armstrong, and Melanie Chernyk – “‘The Apex of Hipster XML GeekDOM’: TEI-encoded Dylan and Understanding the Scope of an Evolving Community of Practice”

The journal is published by the TEI Consortium on,  the web platform for journals and book collections of Cléo, the French Centre for Open Electronic Publishing.

jTEI’s home is at where you can find information about the journal as well as links to the journal’s administrative website, which is used for managing the submission, review, and editing process.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please consider contributing to the journal by submitting articles for future issues. We also welcome ideas for special issues.

Susan Schreibman
Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative