CFP: Issue 12 of the Journal of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative: 2017 Conference Issue

The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative (JTEI, is now soliciting contributions for its 2017 Conference Issue. We invite all presenters from the 2017 Conference in Victoria to submit articles based on their presentations through the submission process on

If you have been an author or reviewer before, you should be able to use your existing login; otherwise you'll need to create an account. For "Section", choose "Issue 12 (papers from the 2017 conference)".

Our Author Agreement is based on open access principles which leaves copyright with the author rather than vesting it in the Journal, giving you much greater control over your work:

Detailed guidelines for authors are available here:

Please feel free to contact any of the editors with specific questions about articles or the submission process.

If you would like to submit your article in jTEI format (a TEI Customization), you can get a head start by clicking on your conference abstract here: and then clicking the "XML" button to get a version already encoded. The submission deadline for this issue is March 1, 2018.

Janelle Jenstad
Kathryn Tomasek
Martin Holmes